Sunil Dutt (Biography):दो रुपए की कोठरी से अजंता तक का सफर


Sunil Dutt was born in a Punjabi family on 6 June 1928 in Khurd village, Jhelum district, Punjab Province, British India. When he was five years old, Dutt's father died. When he was 18, the Partition of India began inciting Hindu-Muslim violence across the country. A Muslim named Yakub, who had been friends with Dutt's father, saved their entire family.The family resettled in a small village on the bank of the river Yamuna called Mandauli in Yamuna Nagar, Punjab, which is now a district of Haryana. Later he moved to Lucknow and spent a long time in Aminabad Galli during graduation. He then moved to Bombay, where he joined Jai Hind College as an undergraduate and took up a job at the city's BEST Transport division



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