Grade 5 Biographies

After a month of rigorous writing classes on Biography, the fifth graders hosted their first “Brilliant Biographers” on Friday, 4th August 2017.

Fifth graders invited their subjects, people on whom they had written their biography on, most of them comprising of their father, mother, sister, or teacher.

The process started by reading 5 to 6 biographies from the school library about Nellie Bly, Michelle Kwan, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi some others. Then in groups, they made knowledge webs of the biographies they read focusing on the person’s lifespan, occupation, problem/challenges, motivation, and accomplishments.

The students then chose their subject to write a biography on. They wanted to write on their loved ones. Students did research on their subject- interviewed their subject, gathered information from others who know that person and also examined the old photo albums.

All the students were able to share their writing pieces in front of their loved ones and it ended with lots of laughter.


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