Glenn Seaborg Discoverer of TEN Elements Biography LANL Pt1


Glenn Seaborg Discoverer of TEN Elements Biography. Was known for the longest entry in Who's Who, and rightly so many many awards (Nobel in Chemistry). Was known for knowing and remembering what many many students and researchers were doing . "Nation at Risk" is more important now than ever (look it up!). Insisted that Berkeley Profs ALL teach a Freshman chemistry lecture class (which he did just about his whole career at Cal. many don't know that G.N. Lewis wsa his research advisor! He married Helen Griggs (His Greatest Discovery" he often said) who was Ernest Lawrence's secretary-she introduce Glenn to Al Ghiroso at the suggestion of the wives who were both secretaries....)
Best known for discovering Plutonium but many isotopes used in medicine (Iodine-131 was used to diagnose a thyroid problem in his mother and saved her life!) He told me that if it wasn't for the plutonium discovery he'd be more associated with the medical applications of the radioactive isotopes used as tracers in many disease treatments and diagnoses...
Element Discoverer Glenn Seaborg Discoverer TEN Elements Biography "Nation at Risk"



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