Hi all, this video is about one of the writing elements: Bio-sketch. I explained the simple tricks and tips to master this piece of writing. Please watch the entire video. Thank you.
SOWJANYA'S ENGLISH CLASS is my youtube channel. I started this channel with a view to share my knowledge with the needy and the interested. I upload at least two videos weekly on various topics of English grammar. English language is my passion and I thoroughly enjoy teaching grammar. I taught English for 18 years. I took a break from my career because of my children. So, instead of sitting idle, I preferred this platform to share the best of my knowledge with those who are in need of learning the English language and those who are interested to learn it. There are many people who are interested to learn English grammar. My intention is to help at least a few of them through my channel: SOWJANYA'S ENGLISH CLASS. Hope, you will encourage me and my channel. Thank you.



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