Bill Gates Net Worth & Biography 2018 | Microsoft Salary & Earnings!


Bill Gates is a famous American businessman and philanthropist. He is currently one of the wealthiest people in the world. Bill Gates was born as William Henry Gates on October, 28, 1955. He was born in Seattle, Washington to a financially secure family. As a young man, he was enrolled in an exclusive preparatory school entitled the Lakeside School. Gates enrolled at Harvard College in the autumn of 1973. He dropped out of Harvard in 1975 to create the computer company Microsoft. Bill Gates never returned to Harvard to complete his studies.

Microsoft became exceedingly successful, and Gates was number 1 on the Forbes 400 list from the years 1993 to 2007. At his financial prime in 1999, it was estimated Gates was worth more than 101 billion dollars. Gates currently does not involve himself in the day to day operations of Microsoft. Rather, he is a director of Berkshire Hathaway and operates the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation along with his wife. His charitable work has included donations to education and anti-poverty initiatives. Gates married Melinda French on January 1, 1994. The have three children. The family lives in a home in the state of Washington valued at 121 million dollars.

In 2013, Gates earned 11.5 billion dollars. In 2014, he earned a near equal amount. Much of his wealth comes from investments in his private investment firm and the increases of his shares in Microsoft. His total net worth is estimated to currently be over 82 billion dollars.

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